Garden View Apartment

The Objective

Set amongst beautiful gardens, this apartment contained two bedrooms separated by an open plan living area. A large verandah faces the north-east and brings ample light while a second southern verandah brings continuous flow through breezes. The layout and choice of furnishings were guided by a desire to create a comfortable, modern functional living area that was sympathetic to the garden environment and river location.    

The Approach

The existing finishes included deep bottle green carpet and textured beige tiles. The walls were painted in a clean white while the kitchen finishes included pale composite stone benchtop and light tan timber veneer cupboards. This palette created an “Autumn” feel. The furnishings sought to compliment the tones and to introduce contrasting and complimentary colours. The light tan leather lounge suite was offset with blue, teal and mustard coloured accessories. Deeper dark timber elements were used to contrast with a light coloured central rug and white elements. A glass topped central coffee table ensured the small area in front of the couch remained an open yet functional space. Movement was created by introducing a circular dining table and curved chairs in the very rectilinear space.